Nowadays, it’s rare you ever have to pick up the phone to anyone unless its necessary. When there’s the option of a quick text or an email or even facebook or twitter. What need is there to sit on the end of the phone and call someone?

What about when a Client asks for a telephone interview with you? Or worse, a skype interview?

Uh oh. There’s no escape now. For some, Telephone interviews can make them even more nervous than they would be meeting their potential new employer face to face. There’s those lingering silences, the unknown of what their body language may be saying and the already potential technical problems that could occur – this goes doubly so for skype interviews!

Yet telephone and skype interviews are quick, (mostly) painless and allow you to establish your view on the job straight away – no need to travel far, no need to make small talk, just straight to the source and straight to what you want to know.

We’ve put together a survival guide of tips direct from our Consultants to help you storm your way through it and nail that first interview.


First steps

The best way to approach a Telephone interview is to treat it like a real face to face meeting. That means – Preparation is key. (if you haven’t seen our Interview Advice on preparation, you can see it here)

Seems simple enough but make sure you establish if its a Telephone or a Skype interview.

Are the Clients treating it as a proper interview or is it to go through some preliminary details?

What do you know about the organisation? Have you researched their history, any upcoming news or projects, what are their core values? Jot down some notes if you feel you really need them.


Get Ready:

Make sure you’re in a QUIET location. We have had horror stories of noisy cafes or bars, screaming children or even people doing the washing up in the background. If you were meeting someone face to face, this wouldn’t be a problem – don’t make it one now!

Move to a place with good reception. The last thing you want is to miss anything the Interviewer is saying or have a technical fault risk your chances

Dress the part. With Skype interviews, you should wear the exact thing you would wear to an interview. Keep it smart, keep it clean, keep it simple.



Stay calm: They’re just people – If you weren’t right for the job they wouldn’t be calling you. If you’re the type to get nervous, make sure you breathe and have some water nearby.

Stand Up: If you’re speaking over the phone, you’d be surprised what standing up does for your body confidence. Feeling as if you’re physically taller makes you speak more confidentally – try it next time you’re on the phone to a salesman!

Don’t treat it too casually: Even if it’s to clarify some details, make sure you aren’t too laid back. Be friendly but when serious questions such as why you left your last position or your salary expectations, make sure you’re reverting back to being professional and straight forward.

Keep it concise: If you think you’re going to waffle a bit, keep to one worded answers. When you’re asked why, feel free to dive further into your response. Just remember to keep things concise.

Wrap it up: Once the interview is over, you may be asked if you have any questions. Asking how you got on can be quite forward, so asking what the next step is would be a softer way to deal with it.

Say thank you: Manners cost nothing and It will leave the conversation on a friendly note.

After you’ve completed a telephone interview, make sure to contact your agency to let them know how you think it went. This is a great time to mention anything you think you may of tripped up on and anything you’re concerned about.

Follow It Up: After your telephone call, if you have the contacts details, make sure to email them and thank them for their time. They may not have feedback straight away but your name will stick in their mind for that bit longer.

Wait It Out: We all hate this part. However give it some time and take advantage by applying for other roles.

Get Feedback: So it’s been a week, now what? Give them a call. It’s perfectly reasonable to chase up feedback. Be polite and be respectful, you never know what’s happening on their end that could permit the delay. There could be many outcomes from a straight job offer to a follow up interview. With this details it will likely be easy to get sexual activity. It could be a no – which is okay! Try not to be disheartened and make sure to get out of it as much as you can, what reason is there for their decision? How could you improve next time?


If you require anymore advice on tackling a telephone interview, check out more on our interview techniques page or get in touch on 0121-515 5910 to speak to our team of professional Recruiters. Best of luck!