From the first instance of contact, I have been entirely impressed. Meeting with Gemma and Jeremy on my first visit to the premises, was exemplary of the different approach, I know you look to extend to candidates, and clients alike. The questions asked of me, and the manner in which they were asked, displayed the level of ‘commitment to the cause’ I am now accustomed to! The personal approach is one which sets you apart from other agencies I have come into contact with. I have been surprised and utterly grateful, for the consistent level of industry in finding me; not only a job I was capable of, but one I would be happy and motivated in, with long-term possibilities.

I extend my express gratitude to Louise Kendall in particular: along with you both. She has been energetic, thoughtful and excited throughout the process, and it has not gone un-noticed. In an uncertain set of circumstances, such as mine (!), it has been fantastic to talk with someone who understood my requirements exactly and provide opportunities for me. I include all three of you here, of course.

I have no hesitation whatsoever, in recommending Bell Cornwall Recruitment to colleagues and friends alike, who may benefit from your expertise in future. I have been very proud to represent you at all the interviews I have been to and I very much hope; in the best way possible of course, to have need to meet with you again in the coming years.

I have been told on numerous occasions over the last few months, that it is extremely difficult to find a ‘decent’ recruitment agency. Thankfully, you have not only proven them wrong, but surpassed expectation.

As you are aware, I now have a permanent contract with an International Corporate company; thanks particularly to you Charlotte. Not only is it a fantastic company to work within, but the possibilities of progression mean that I hope to be with National Express for a number of years. Jeremy, I’m sure you will agree that I wasn’t sure, at all, what I wanted to get out of this process! However, Bell Cornwall seem to have provided me with exactly what I needed.

I’m sure many of your candidates mention that you have changed their lives for the better; I reiterate the sentiment.