I would like to thank Bell Cornwall for offering such an indispensable service. The whole team offered a fantastic support network, a great deal of enthusiasm and realistic solutions which enabled me to feel confident in my abilities to go out and tackle the job market head on, successfully. The personal touch that they add to the recruitment process is unmatched by any other agency in my previous experience. After a thorough and pleasant interview with several of the team members, they ascertained exactly what I was looking for and what would be best suited to my needs and aspirations. Needless to say within a fortnight of registering with Bell Cornwall I have just begun working in a law firm and I absolutely love it – I didn’t imagine the process would be quite so speedy so I am thrilled with the efficiency of the firm, but also with the way they have been so consistently encouraging and inspiring at every step.

I am so grateful to all the team members who have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Without Bell Cornwall’s help I would not be on my way towards a career I cannot wait to begin – and law, even with qualifying a degree is an extremely hard area to crack. I would like to thank particularly, Charlotte and Louise – both have eased my transition out of University and into a job which will open doors in my future career path, and actually I’ll miss talking to them now I have my dream job!