On Friday 4th August 2023 Bell Cornwall Recruitment had their (now) Annual BCR Sports Day Chez Cornwall

– and what an event it was! With a change up of the Teams, some new and challenging games thrown into the mix, and plenty of competitive spirit, it truly was a spectacular show.



With the teams evenly mixed and raring to go, it was up to our Referee Amris (ruled out of competition by an injured ankle) to get the show on the road, starting with the Long Jump. It was a close competition throughout, with the teams matching each other’s distances.

A close contest  eventually come down to the final two jumpers – BCR’s shortest member (Tani) and tallest (Adam) head-to-head.  Tani set the standard with a huge jump, leaving Adam having to pull out all the stops to win the game. Unfortunately for the Yellow Team, although only by a millimetre (or 2), he leapt an impressive distance and won it for the Blues.






As the games continued it became apparent that the teams were indeed evenly matched, and the Yellows and Blues took even amounts of wins. The Yellow team were annihilated at the Egg & Spoon race, with Simran, Laura, Rosie and Adam showing off amazing balancing skills; however speed and coordination secured a win for the Yellows in the Backwards Running Relay. The Wheelbarrow Race brought the teams level on points.  All members showed strength and determination doing their best to keep their partner moving, but the Yellow team sealed a memorable victory.


With the competition fierce and the chance of a win in sight for both teams, it was down to the tiebreaker and a BCR favourite – Spinny-Spinny-Lets-Get-Dizzy! With referee Amris armed with the whistle and ready to punish any foul play – the spinning began and the chaos followed. Everyone was up for this, with team points to be won and individual victories to be celebrated – but it was all for nothing!  A Yellow win, Blue win, Yellow win, Blue win meant it was neck and neck so nominations were made for additional games and the competition continued. But again an even draw! After a few too many go’s at Spinny-Spinny-Lets-Get-Dizzy and in true Bell Cornwall Recruitment Spirit – the Sports Day was called a draw.  Honours even until 2024!


We must also give an extra special shout-out to the BCR Mascot – Buster – who kept barking at eggs and chasing wheelbarrows all evening!