Eddie Edwards

Tel:0121 515 5976

My Job at BCR

I create new opportunities for the business by getting and keeping in touch, as far as possible by using a personal approach and demonstrating to organisations how we can better help them with their recruitment.

What am I passionate about

The telling lessons of human history; the inherent goodness in people; giving and receiving quality service, a rewarding working environment with a bit of fun thrown in.

Why do I love what I do as a career

The thrill of working with and bringing a new client on board and seeing my colleagues successfully working with them over the long-term.

I love

Bathams bitter; time with family, friends and our new pup; the amazing musicianship of jazz, its Divas; the drive of rock & roll; the soul of the blues; the wonder of classical music. My colleagues are pretty good too!

I don’t love

The screen in the corner of the room; the Hagley Road in rush-hour; weak tea; the pollution of electronically altered singing voices.