Laura Cornwall
Tel:0121 515 5973

I am the office coordinator and my main role is to ensure the consultants can get on with their jobs by dealing with the invoicing, expenses and other operational issues. I enjoy talking to both candidates and clients on the phone and in person and am passionate about understanding every area of the business.

What am I passionate about?

Providing support and encouragement to my colleagues, candidates and clients to ensure the recruitment process runs as smoothly and professionally as possible. I have worked in a number of different industries and appreciate the importance of making everyone feel like they are special and someone is really listening to their needs.

Why do I love what I do as a career?

I thrive on new challenges, stretching myself and watching others grow and develop in their roles. I have always really enjoyed being part of a team and mucking in whenever required.

I love…

Spending time with my family, fresh air, sport (both watching and partaking in), books, adventures and life in general.

I don’t love…

Laziness, bad manners and eggs – except in cakes!