Louise James-Moore

Tel:0121 515 5914

What am I passionate about?

My recent passion has become seeking period house features, after recently renovating my house and taking it back to brick, including removing the roof and the floors.  After 12 months of dirt and dust, comfort has now become my priority and creating a living space that is functional, comfortable and importantly sociable! After all home is where the heart is!

Why do I love what I do as a career?

I love the fast paced element, no two minutes are ever the same, never mind a day.  No two candidates are ever the same, and it makes it so worthwhile when you assist a candidate seek their dream job with a fantastic organisation.   Being part of an organisation where I can hold my head high, working as part an incredibly conscientious, caring and genuine team.

I love….

Wine, wins every time! A deep glass of Malbec……..  ah coupled with the sunshine and the sea.  All three together and it is a perfect day.

I don’t love…

Lazy people, who make excuses for everything and generally cast a shadow over everyone’s day, Negative Nancy’s need not apply. Marmite! I shall say no more.