Nina Tank
Tel:0121 515 5972

My Job at BCR

I am a recruitment partner at Bell Cornwall Recruitment and work on the permanent division.

What am I passionate about

My children are my world! I would do anything for them and support them where I can.
I am passionate about being happy and making others around me smile. I like to help others where I can and making a difference.
I love a challenge and doing what I can to meet that goal.

Why do I love what I do as a career

Helping candidates to find their dream job is a very rewarding role. Finding out what they want and then placing them in that position is the best feeling.  I love speaking to different people from different backgrounds and careers and try to give them the best possible service.

I love

Spending time with my family, going out with friends, a McDonalds breakfast, chocolate cake, music, dancing, the beach, sunsets and a cosmopolitan in hand!

I don’t love

People being unkind to others, driving in the snow and cold pizza.