Simran Ajimal
Tel:0121 515 5910

My Job at BCR

Getting to learn about potential candidates, giving advice and tips and finding a role that suits their skill set best.

What am I passionate about

I am passionate about bringing joy and being happy, making people smile and laugh– even if it means I must play the class clown. I am passionate about taking risks and doing something outside of your comfort zone. When it pays off its such an amazing feeling.

Why do I love what I do as a career

I love the thought of being able to talk to new people every day – learning about what they do and what they are passionate about. Then using this to see how I could possibly help find a role that would be well suited for them. I generally just love being able to help people as well as learning about loads of different jobs/skill sets and people keeps me engaged.

I love

Spending time with family and friends. I’m a huge foodie and love travelling all over the UK for food. Going for walks and exploring nature – love a good scenic view. Spa days and Fine dining are a fave.

I don’t love

Traffic, Loud Eaters, Obnoxious people.